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Case Studies

Case Studies

Airport Security


CW was engaged by an airports group in the South Pacific that managed a portfolio of over 20 airports. CW developed a project delivery roadmap, and then executed on over 26 deliverables, including, but not limited to; reviewing and re-writing all security documentation; developing airport security programs for all 22 airports, delivering a report on the legal and regulatory issues hindering the airport group’s implementation of aviation security responsibilities; assisting the airport group become a certified aviation training organisation; delivering a scoping paper on the establishment of an in-house aviation security screening capability, and developing airport emergency plan guidance material to assist airport managers update their emergency plans.


CW’s delivery success saw the contract extended twice, and the deliverables allowed the airport group to move forward on its substantial project of internal reform.

Secuirty man standing in front of a plane on a airports tarmac



CW was approached by the ICAO Cooperative Aviation Security Programme Asia Pacific (CASP-AP) to develop a training package to train aviation security screening officers in 28 countries in the Asia Pacific region. CW developed the training materials, and then subsequently worked with the client to deliver one-on-one support to a number of their Member Countries contextualise and then deliver the materials.


The quality of the product delivered ensured the CW and CASP-AP relationship, and CW have now worked with CASP-AP on three additional projects.

A man sitting in training with his noetbook

Crisis Response


Following a successful terrorist bombing of a commercial aircraft, CW conducted a comprehensive review of the national and airport level aviation security arrangements in a North African State. The review involved full aviation security audits of three key airports, a review of national documentation, and an assessment of the regulator’s aviation security oversight capabilities.


Following the review, CW delivered a detailed corrective action roadmap. 

Folders with documents for disaster recovery plan
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