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We partner with regulators and industry to lift aviation security and facilitation capabilities to international best practice through the provision of advisory, governance, oversight and training services

CW Aviation
Security Consulting

What We Do

With experience working with more than 50 countries in the Middle East, Europe, Africa and the Asia Pacific, CW specialises in:

  • Aviation security, facilitation, and disability access policy and procedure development for governments and industry

  • Change management, including turning around under-performing teams in challenging environments

  • Advising governments and industry in distressed regulatory environments

  • Assisting organisations incorporate facilitation and disability access into security operations

  • Developing long term strategies to lift organisations up to international best practice

  • Advising on start-up or transitional screening operations, in particular transitioning from government led to private aviation security models

  • Conducting in-depth audit and compliance reviews and vulnerability assessments.

​As an aviation security and facilitation company with over 20 years of international experience advising government and industry on strategy, governance, oversight and training, CW’s focus is on delivering sustainable, long-term solutions to clients that achieve operational efficiencies and seamless implementation while meeting the highest levels of regulatory compliance.

A plane fying over the airport in the afternoon.

The development of aviation security and facilitation policies and procedures is the core of CW’s work. With decades of experience assisting regulators and airlines interpret international standards, CW’s expertise allows organisations to incorporate international best practices into national regulatory regimes, industry security programs, and on the ground operational procedures.

Policy and Procedure Development

CW Director Mr. Shannon Wandmaker is regularly presents and writes about the challenges of facilitating disability access while maintaining the highest levels of security, and achieving a balance between effective security and good customer experience. With 20% of travellers identifying as a person with a disability, the ability to accommodate this key customer base is critical to strong economic outcomes.

Disability Access

CW works in partnership with regulators and industry in challenging environments to rebuild, reinforce, and refocus. CW specialises in helping clients work within tight resource constraints to achieve compliant security and facilitation outcomes.

Distressed Regulatory Environments

With years of experience reviewing and running screening operations, CW has the expertise to review, assess, and improve operations through the identification of inefficiencies in staffing, training, operational procedures, and quality oversight.

Screening Operations

Having undertaken compliance activities for national regulators, international bodies, and private industry, CW is capable of conducting audit, compliance, vulnerability assessment, and risk assessment activities on the largest and most complex operations. CW reports provide clear identification of deficiencies, and recommendations to bring operations back into compliance.

Audit and Compliance


A male taveller looking at the planes on the tarmac wihile waiting for his plane.

To empower organisations to unlock the social and economic benefits that come with secure and reliable air transport connectivity.


To partner with regulators and industry to lift their capabilities to international best practice through the provision of advisory, governance, oversight and training services.


Sustainability, partnership, integrity, communication.


Our Values

Plane's engine of a plane standing on the tarmac

Our Focus Areas

Assisting aviation security regulators navigate domestic, regional, and international aviation security and facilitation requirements to ensure regulations are appropriately drafted and implemented. Assistance includes strategic guidance, development of regulations and national programmes, training and mentoring, and developing audit, compliance, enforcement, and certification tools.

Civil Aviation Authority / Regulatory


Seucurity man on the airports tarmac.

Working in partnership with regulators and industry to implement economically sustainable solutions to aviation security and facilitation challenges that deliver short, medium and long-term outcomes. There is no 'one size fits all' approach to meeting international standards, and accordingly CW works with States to develop solutions appropriate to their own environments.

Capacity Development


A man in a suit holding a toy plane.

Assisting airports ensure policies and procedures meet national and international aviation security and facilitation requirements, reviewing on-the-ground operations, and conducting audits, inspections, vulnerability assessments, and strategic planning.



A businessman waiting in the airport.

Working with airlines across all aspects of their operations to develop security and facilitation programs, build internal aviation security and facilitation quality oversight structures and documentation, and conduct station audits and assessments. CW also provides strategic aviation guidance, and assistance with governance and change management.



A plane parked on a tarmac in the airport.

Assisting air cargo operators meet aviation security obligations while ensuring facilitation and profitability are maintained. Air cargo security is seeing rapid change, with issues such as pre-loading advanced cargo information, electronic consignment security declarations, and secure supply chains becoming more important. CW assists air cargo stakeholders adapt to these requirements.

Air Cargo


A plane being loaded on a tarmac.
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